Episode 2 - 10 Tips to Maximize Blue Collar Wealth (Part 2)

May 29, 2017

In an earlier post, we talked about the first 4 tips/questions on maximizing blue collar wealth. Here is a recap:

The first is, my business is going well, why should I stop now? This is the time we start to ask ourselves our core values and what we really enjoy doing with our lives. The second one is, what am I going to do now? It talks about doing some self-discovery, now having the money and time to do things you wanted to do when you were younger. The third one is, what’s my business really worth? This is where we consider the many aspects of the business that can potentially increase the value of the business once it is sold. The fourth tip is, who will buy my business? This can range from family members, employees, competitors, and even other expanding businesses.

This podcast continues from the first part, now discussing the remaining 6 tips to maximize blue collar wealth.